The BP Mirante offers its customers the latest advances in medical care, in a facility that values discretion and individualized hospitality.

Our staff is composed of distinguished professionals, nationally and internationally recognized in highly complex specialties, such as Oncology, Cardiology and Neurology.

Why choose the BP Mirante?

Humanized care

We offer intimate hospitality aiming to provide the best services and care to our patients with the right discretion and proximity. Our team of professionals is passionate about their work.

Assertiveness and agility in diagnosis and treatment

The time between patient diagnosis and initiation of treatment is just a few days, which is one of our differentiators.

We also stand out for being a hospital cancer patients resort to for a second opinion.

Center for Integrated Therapies

We integrate traditional medicine and complementary therapies to ensure the well-being and faster recovery of our patients, offering a fully dedicated space in our center for integrated therapies.

We hold multidisciplinary meetings to discuss complex cases

We have weekly multidisciplinary meetings to discuss cases and recommend the most appropriate management for cancer patients

We offer hospital services with a high standard of quality

Proof can be seen in our certifications, which entail compliance with highly rigorous international standards to ensure excellent and safe services to our patients

Agile care

Our emergency department works with shorter waiting times.

Highly qualified clinical staff

We have a clinical staff with a high level of technical knowledge, always up to date, and constantly taking part in important research and studies.

We are a reference in cancer treatment

We are a reference hospital for Oncology and Hematology in the country, and have a complete line of care for cancer patients. Our staff is composed of some of the best cancer specialists in the country, with national and international recognition.

Delivery of accurate test results

We offer precision and quality in the delivery of the test results, with attending physicians following through the entire process, and interacting with other specialist physicians. Our test reports describe the reference values.

We offer discretion and customized care

Our patient stations are private and equipped with a bathroom, and all services, including medical visits, medication and sample collections, are provided in these accommodations. Patients can expect a discrete, hassle-free stay at our facility.

We specialize in highly complexity treatments

The BP Mirante has specialists in highly complex fields, such as Oncology, Cardiology and Neurology. Our medical staff is highly-reputed and committed, and our nursing team is composed of specialized, highly qualified professionals.

We offer the latest advances in health care

In addition to making sure our equipment is always up to date, we have a Robotic Surgery Program with the state-of-the-art robot Da Vinci Xi® Surgical System™. This system allows for minimally invasive procedures and faster recovery, besides reducing risks, such as infections.

We are always ready to care for you and your family, with our
excellent prevention, diagnosis and rehabilitation services.

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Emergency Care

Individualized care with shorter waiting times. Prepared to handle highly complex emergency cases.

Cancer Center

Internationally recognized staff, state-of-the-art equipment, and high-tech cancer treatments.

Medical appointments and examinations

Appointments with renowned specialists and reports with reference values.